Sunset Farm - Vegetables

The Farrell Family had to literally start from the ground up when they started their vegetable garden back in 1999. Soil quality is essential to growing quality produce with flavor; soil quality provides the backbone for the root systems as the plants grow. After four years of replenishing the soil with the needed nutrients, The Farrell’s were able to get their crops where they wanted them. Sunset Farm began with a crop of just 500 tomato plants and a few rows of squash. They have since expanded to over 15,000 tomato plants, including: 18 varieties of hybrids, heirlooms, and beefsteak varieties. Sunset Farm has six different varieties of heirlooms alone. Some popular varieties include the Brandywine Heirloom, known for its superior taste as well as the Carolina Gold, famous for being the least acidic variety as well as the sweetest. Their produce also includes a wide array products. Their produce can be found in some of the best restaurants in the state including: One Bellevue, at the Hotel Viking, Local 121 in Downtown Providence, and Spain of Narragansett located off Ocean Road.